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Sunday: Powerful Morning Devotion That Will Make You To Discover The Purpose Of God In Your Life.

Text: 1 Samuel 9:18-27

Topic: Stop complaining

In Jeremiah 1:6, God wanted to use Jeremiah for his purpose but he was looking at his situation which he used as an excuse to reject the call. 

A similar scenario is reported here where God appointed Saul as King but he was looking at himself, his people and background to disqualify himself. 

There are many people today who God wants to use for his purpose but they are running away because of their perceived inadequacies. 

God knows everything about you and will not call you to a place where his grace will not keep you. 

Stop complaining and get into the business of doing what God wants you to do and you’ll be glad you did.

Question: Are you one of those who give excuses when given a responsibility in the church?

Prayer: May the Lord prepare you for whatever task he wants you to do for him.

Today as you read from this devotion, may you discover the purpose of God in your life in the name of Jesus.

Good morning and have a successful day.

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