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What Happened After A Paralysed Man Requested For The Picture Of Bishop Oyedepo - David Oyedepo Jnr

Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, the resident pastor of Faith Tabernacle spoke on WHY ARE WE GIVING THANKS TO GOD AS A COMMISSION?' at Covenant Hour of Prayer, LFC Canaanland.

According to him, it is the sent Word that heals and delivers. Wherever you find healings, wherever you find deliverances, it is the product of the sent Word. Think about the catalogue of the testimonies of healings, catalogue of testimonies of deliverances, all of them instigated by the Word and who is He that gave the Word? God gave the Word. There is no Word that any demon of sickness, any demon of disease will hear except it came from God. So, it is His Word that cast out all of these spirits of sickness, disease and torments, His Word.

He then told the story of what happened after a paralysed man requested for the picture of Bishop David Oyedepo. He said, A brother was on the bed paralysed and he requested "Bring the picture of His servant [Bishop David Oyedepo] and He said if it is the God of this man that I am serving then I must be set free." If it is the God of this man that I am serving, the one who has been speaking through him to me, then I must be set free and by the understanding of the fact that whatever has come through His servant has come from the sender, he jumped out of that box totally made whole. You know, no paralysed man can jump so it means that the Word empowered him and set him free from the bondage of paralysis. The legs that could not walk were triggered into action, the hands that could not move triggered into action at the instance of His Word."

He then said that the Word that He sent is the Word that heals. So, it's the sent Word that heals and delivers. The sent Word is the Word that heals and delivers and we keep seeing it day after day, every season, we keep seeing manifestations of the healing Word.

Fast forward the VIDEO to 50 minutes for the sermon

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