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My change must come in the mighty name of Jesus. Prophet Akinwale Ojo

My Change Must Come!

The good hand of the Lord is upon me and He will surely lift me from where I am to where I should be in Jesus' name.

"And the Lord called unto Adam, and said unto him, where art thou?"( Gen 3:9). This may seem like an ordinary question but it is a poser to a whole destiny and generation. 

The expansion of this question could be like this: why are you not where you are meant to be? What drove you out of your assigned haven? How will the angels assigned to you be able to work for you in that place, since that is not their place of primary assignment? So many questions!

Like Adam, many of us are not where we are supposed to be. For Adam, the problem came from disobedience. For others, it could be an enemy's action; for some, it could be a deficiency of vision and yet for some, it could be a conspiracy of adverse season and time. Every "where art thou" situation calls for a change- from the valley to the hilltop; affliction to wholeness, partial success to total success; emptiness to fullness.

Job wanted a change. He had been buffeted by spiritual forces outside his control but he believed that his change would come. "If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come", he said in Job 14:14. Elisha wanted a change. He wanted power. He worked for it and he was prepared to take it from his master: Elijah. He never rested until he got the mantle( 2Kings 2:11-13).

Everyone needs a change. No matter your riches, reach, success and grace, there is always a need for change. Life is like a wheel: it rolls all the time to offer new realities. 

The lesson of infinity and eternity is this: nothing is final or concluded, even after death! So, change is real and must be seen as such. But the question is this? 

What type of change do you want? Upward progression? Increasing returns? A new launch or leap into favour? A break from retardation and relegation? A new honour? 

They are possible and you will have them in Jesus' name.

Romans 8:19 says: "For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God". 

This is the real change: your manifestation! 

The whole heaven and earth are waiting for this. The world does not buy potentials: it buys actualities. 

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing: other people judge us by what we have done! 

This is why you need to pray today, that your change must come. 

Every road leads to the winner: you will win today in Jesus' name! Amen. Shalom.

1 Jesus: lifter up of my head, hallowed be your name!

2. By your power, launch me into a new significance in Jesus' name.

3. Holy Spirit, work out lifting opportunities and rising benefits for me all over the world in Jesus' name.

4. Father, intoxicate me with your medication of positive acceleration in Jesus' name.

5. Lord Jesus, plant me in the inheritance of the saints in light in Jesus' name.

6. By your right hand Lord, push me where I'm dragging and carry me where I'm limping in Jesus' name.

7. I receive grace to run through the troop and jump over evil walls in Jesus' name.

8. I break away from speed-breakers around my life in Jesus' name.

9. Every old challenge must give way to new testimonies in my life in Jesus' name. 10. Father, give me the wisdom to wait for my mantle and the grace to use it well in Jesus' name.

11. Lord, build anew my old wastes and raise up my former desolations in Jesus' name.

12. Fire of God, locate and consume every rock of stumbling affecting my progress in Jesus' life.

13. Lord Jesus, remind the Holy Ghost about new heights for me in Jesus' name.

14. Holy Ghost, release your fury and terror against invisible hands collecting my blessings in Jesus' name.

15. Spirit of miscarriage of success, depart from me in Jesus' name.

16. Forces of imposed failure, break by thunder in Jesus' name.

17. I shall not laugh with one end of my mouth in 2015 in Jesus' name.

18. I shall collect my benefits with both hands in 2015 in Jesus' name.

19. Power of delivery room without a baby, break by fire in Jesus' name.

20. Power of palace without a crown, break by thunder in Jesus' name.

21. Thank you Lord for your counsel that will stand in Nigeria in Jesus' name.

All majesty to the Father of glory! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. 

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