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What Most Youths Are Doing In The Church Today That Is Wrong

So, you might be wondering what it is the youths are doing wrong in the church before you tapped or clicked to read this article.

I'm sorry, but the truth is that our youths are gradually spoiling (I don't want to use destroy) the works, effort, input, sacrifices of our fathers and mothers. In those days when our fathers and mothers were still young, the church was not what it looks like now. They were young, flexible, versatile, strong, and they made all these useful in the church.

Every church as at then had its youths (the ones with the strength) working tirelessly for the growth of the church. But the opposite is what we are seeing today.

In those days, the church was like the first home of our fathers and mothers. They saw the church as their own, and made sure that things went the way they ought to go. The pastors as at then enjoyed the support of these ones.

The units in the church were very active and complete unlike today. Most churches didn't have to pay people to clear the surroundings, take care of the church, and other things.

Most of these people as at then had jobs. Some were bankers, some were medical doctors, engineers, and the rest. Still yet, they had time for God. You will always find them in church when there is a service, be it mid-week, weekend, or Sunday service. This set of people will still go to the older people's houses to bring them down to church. I'm not exaggerating, but some of these learned people built their churches without hiring workers from outside the church.

They were all active in their departments. I can call their attitude "DISCIPLINE". I tell you, these people were disciplined.

But it is sad that the youths of today have left this beautiful path. The only time you will see most youths is on Sunday (that's if they even come). They don't want to be involved in anything, but they complain that things are not going as it ought to be in the church. And you just begin to wonder.

Some will join a unit but you may only see them once in a year. When you ask them why they were not around for a meeting or program, they tell you it is work (the same work the other generation was doing).

To crown it all, some people believe that they are no longer youths once they are married. They want to quickly join the set of the older people who worked tirelessly during their time. They have done nothing and they don't want to do something.

Many churches now hire people to sing on Sundays, perform the duties of the ushers, play the instruments and other things. This is because the church now has unserious youths who may even choose not to go to church at all.

If only the youths can change their ways and see themselves as the caretakers of the church, then must churches will be doing well. 

There are still a few churches with "correct youths", and I must say that these churches are very lucky. Meanwhile, they must train the next generation very well, so that they don't miss the path.

Being useless in the vineyard of God has its own implications.

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