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Places of Worship Lockdown: Reasons Muslims Are Not Complaining.

As Nigeria followed its counterparts across the globe in shutting down the places of worship across the nation as a precaution against the spread of deadly covid 19 pandemic. It has been observed across major social media spaces how religious merchants in Nigeria are crying foul of being the target of this lockdown. Notwithstanding that it affects all religious groups, a particular set of people are still complaining about Islamization agenda, what a perverted way of thinking!

The most worrisome aspect is how some Christian leaders are antagonising the federal government's efforts to contain the spread of covid19. Do they stand to gain anything if their congregation are infected with covid19?

Many of them are lamenting bitterly that the closure of places of worship is targeted at the Christians. The reason for this believe is not unconnected with the fact that Muslims are not complaining about the closure of their places of worship. The truth is that Islam has legislations to be observed during a period of pandemic like this. As you all know, Islam places high emphasis on Congregational prayer, but Muslims are encouraged to pray at home and also seclude themselves anytime their is contagious diseases, if there is danger or at a time like this. 

Islam is a complete way of life, there is absolutely no area of life that hasn't been talked about. 

Christians don't need to be unnecessarily paranoid about Muslims not complaining or their strict adherence to government stay at home and social distancing order. It simply conforms with the lay down Islamic jurisprudence on preventive measures against pandemic and other deadly diseases.

Perhaps, non Muslims are oblivious of the fact that no religion in the world emphasized Congregational prayer like Islam. However, Islam doest not only take care of spiritual well-being of Its adherents, It also make provisions for their physical and emotional well-being. It lays down rules that ensure Muslims stay healthy in all their daily activities.

This period should be an eye opener for all across the religious divides. Irrespective of your religion, the most important thing is to create a connection between yourself and the Creator without necessarily any intermediary. We should not tie our worship of God to any human being as an intercessor. We should rather have strong faith and belief. By doing this, we shall be able to protect ourselves from wolves who parade themselves as Shepherds.

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