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Merriment as Muslim celebrate Eid

 It's a moment of jollification,celebration& merry making all over the world as muslims celebrate the 2021 annual eidul adha. Muslims engage in festive activity starting from observing the two rakats eid prayer after which they perform the voluntaries like slaughtering of rams, sharing of foods,gifts and merriments.

It is usually preceded by climbing of mount arafah by pilgrims a day before ,in which Muslims are urged to fast as an act of worship.

Prayers are said by imaam after delivering the lectures usually in written forms to the congregation . Lectures delivered is usually based on prophet Ibrahim where he was about to sacrifice his son to Allah, and he (Allah) replaced his son with a ram .Lessons deducted from the scripture is also delivered.

Pilgrims engage in steps for performing the hajj as prescribed by the doctrines of islam. In Nigeria, Muslims usually go from one location to another to spend blissful moments with their loved ones or relatives. 

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