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See pictures of pastors with armed security men for protection

Do pastors need armed security escorts as men of God? 

The question above is a strong question that I will need an answer in the comment section. 

What the men of God in this present generation face in their mission, is nothing compared to what the prophets of old went through. What Jesus Christ the foundation of the Christian faith went through, no pastor alive can go through that. Even as the Messiah, he never needed any protection. That is one of the message he thought. And he said with thy spirit, we will do greater things.

No servant of God in the scripture was with security details. Why will any servant of God need security escorts when the hand of the lord is upon him? 

This write-up is not to judge anyone. Just that I see no need for them to hire armed security men. They could use some personal assistants or church ushers. 

What is your thought about men of God having armed security men for protection? 

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