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What Pastor Adeboye Said This Morning That God Will Do After Covid-19

Pastor Adeboye in his message this Sunday morning said God said that out of the lockdown mighty breakthrough will come to God’s children.

In his message he said he did not receive this message directly from God, but it came from one of his spiritual sons who God has been using mightily in the prophetic ministry, and who he really believes in.

He said this message confirms what God has been saying to him before now.

He therefore said that we need to prepare ourselves for this move of God so that we can be partakers of the great blessings that are forthcoming.

He gave the major step we are to take to achieve this, and that is, we must consider who are partner will be as we plan to take steps after the lockdown.

He said many people would have been planning on how to go ahead, or what new venture to take immediately after the lockdown is lifted finally.

He said this is good, but the major thing is the final result of such a move, the landing that we get after taking off.

He reminded us that the bible says better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, hence we must not be too hasty to make moves that will not yield the kind of results that God originally planned for our lives.

He went further to say that who we partner with can determine how and where we are going to land after taking off.

He admonishes us to make God our partner, that is, our senior partner who will be in charge of the affairs of our lives, because He created us from the beginning, knows what we are going to encounter in the journeys of our lives, and knows the end that He has ordained for us.

No one can make God his senior partner and miss it in life.

He cited the example of Jacob in the bible that ran away from home when his brother Esau wanted to kill him for stealing his birthright.

Jacob left with only a staff, a frustrated and hopeless man, but when he slept that night he had an encounter with God who promised to be with him and bless him with the blessings of Abraham his father.

Jacob responded back to God that if God can fulfill his promise to him, he will pay tithe of all that God will give to him, thereby starting a partnership with God.

God is a covenant keeper and whatever He says He can do, over and above what we can think or say.

About 30 years later when Jacob was coming back to his own country and his father’s house, he has become a very wealthy man.

God never fails those who trust in him; rather He rewards them greatly, especially if they can obey Him and patiently wait for His promise.

Are you planning for what you will do after this lockdown? Please bring God into it, and let Him guide you.

He knows what you do not know, and He knows which businesses will thrive well after the lockdown.

Remember what He did for Isaac in Genesis 26:12, when Isaac wanted to go to Egypt in search for greener pasture, and God told him to stay put.

God told him to go and sow, and it was a time of dry season when crops can hardly grow, yet in the time of harvest, Isaac was able to reap one hundred fold of what he planted.

He got 100% harvest and no loss at all. That indeed is a miracle.

Only God can guarantee that, you need to make Him your senior partner today.

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You are blessed.

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