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Tonight Prayer Is For Deliverance Against Demonic Oppression and Manipulation

Luke 18-1. Prayer is the platform for supernatural empowerment, not a place for just getting things from God. And as a Christian, if you are not praying in this season, you are not part of what God is doing. Take it or leave, there are demonic activities fighting to ensure you never make it in life. These demonic activities are behind your financial and family oppression. Your physical efforts will not have effect on them, but you need power to unsit them. 

Your daily and dedicational prayer will have tremendous effect on the negative things around you, and you should never take relax in letting them have their way. God has empowered you to take dominion. So what are you waiting for, stand up and take responsibility for your life, family and business. Put the devil where he belongs by becoming fervent in prayer. Please take these following prayers seriously.

1. Lord take charge of my life, my family and business. 

2. Destroy anything of that is not of you in my life and business.

3. Strengthen me to overcome every manipulation of the enemy around me.

4. Remove every spirit of prayerlessness in my life.

5. Release fresh fire that will put me in charge of my territory in Jesus name .

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