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Why Do you think Our Society Condemn Using Left Hand To Give And Receive?

For some time now I've just wanted to pose this question because I just don't understand the mystery behind it.

 I went to a shop to buy some supply, I tried to pay the seller with my left hand because my right hand was busy with my tool box, she insisted I had to give her the money with my right hand that I had no issue with, but I really wanted to know the reason so I figured bringing it up here would go a long way hearing the opinions of different people. 

People see it as a bad way but it doesn't mean anything to me. I don't think one can effectively wash right hand without left hand. So why the denunciation?

Is there any connection to religion to back it up?

Do people think right hand is superior to the left?

Cause to me I don’t see a problem in a giving and receiving things with left hand

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