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If You're Being Oppressed At Night, Say These Prayers And Read These Scriptures Before Bed

In the realm of the spirit one of our main weapons as Christians is the spoken word of God. Your spoken words have extreme power this is why the word of God should always be on your tongue.

The word of the lord is light, the word of the lord is power, reading this scripture out loud empowers your spirit and charges your atmosphere.

 If you are constantly under nightly attacks and oppressions which fill you with fear and steal your sleep, it points to a lack of adequate power. Read these scriptures aloud and say the prayers attached to charge your spirit.

Prayer: By the power of the almighty i subdue every spirit of oppression in my life. Scripture: Luke 10vs19-20.

Prayer: By the blood of Jesus i destroy every spirit of oppression at work in my life. Scripture: Revelations 12vs11.

Prayer: Every stronghold of oppression in my life i pull you down in the name of Jesus. Scripture: 2Corin.10vs4.

Prayer: oh lord arise! Fight for me, come to my rescue. Scripture: Deut. 3vs22.

Prayer: Oh lord fill me up with your power in Jesus name. Scripture: Ephesians 6vs10-11

Prayer: By the power of the Holy Ghost i command every weapon of oppression formed against me to be destroyed in Jesus name. Scripture: Isaiah 54vs17.

Prayer: Oh lord i thank you for giving me victory over oppression through Christ Jesus. Scripture 1 Corin. 15vs57.

Read Pslams 3 and Pslams 91, personalize and declare this scripture out loud.

Have a pleasant night rest.

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