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How to find grace in the sight of God

Many people fail to understand that man is nothing without God's grace. Though the degree of grace may vary, grace is often a man's competitive advantage over other men. And in life, God's grace is a necessary component for greatness.

Grace is what defines a man and elevates him to a position of respectability and honor, regardless of what he does in life. Grace is the factor that influences your success and charisma in life. You may come across a man who has nothing to offer but is loved by everyone; this is simply graced at work in him.

Some people work less and achieve more, while others work hard and achieve less. Grace dictates your life's course. That is why you must work hard to increase your grace in God's eyes.

How can you find grace in God's eyes? According to the Bible, God was pleased with Noah's sacrifice, and as a result, Noah found grace in God's eyes, and HE made a promise to Noah.

When Abraham entertained the angels of God with a sumptuous feast, he found grace in God's eyes. It cost Abraham a lot to entertain these Angels of God; this is sacrifice. He was blessed as a result of this.

The poor widow's offering was acknowledged by Jesus Christ as the highest of all the people's offerings. This is because she sacrificed everything she had. This is what sacrifice is all about.

To anoint the feet of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene used an alabaster box filled with precious oil. This was a significant sacrifice, which Jesus Christ recognized, nevertheless she found grace.

With all of these and many other passages in the Bible, it's easy to see how sacrifice can bring you favour in the eyes of God.

Make sacrifices in God's honor; assist the less privileged, widows, orphans, the poor, and the needy. Plant seeds at churches and honor God's ministers. Even if you don't have the financial or material resources to make these sacrifices, you can give your time and strength to God's mission. Sacrifices can be made in a variety of ways.

I pray you shall find grace in the sight of God in Jesus' name, Amen!

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