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Facts about the crusader of the church which was dissolved by king Philip IV

The start of the templar can be long been debated as fiction from movies, story books etc. Most notably is the speech of Pope Urban II (who reigned from 1035 99) were the first Crusade took its inspiration from a passionate speech on a cold winters day outside Clermont cathedral in France on the 27th November 1095. Urbans call for a crusade fired up not just trained and experienced knights but also lay people to believe they had a duty before God to liberate fellow Christians in the East from the brutal subjugation of the Turks.

There are numerous reasons why free men would join the Hospitallers and it wasnt always for the spoils of war, as was often the case with the Templars. Many recruits to the Hospitaller cause were illiterate and came from impoverished backgrounds seeing the Order as a means to provide support and sustenance. Others such as nobles may have joined with hopes of career opportunities and achieving greater status. More sinister and something reflecting todays culture of radicalization, were the misguided recruits who sought to become martyrs, believing they had a spiritual duty to fight infidels which would reward them in the afterlife.

First Crusade (begun in 1095) was the creation of "military orders," religious congregations of knights whose initial purpose was to protect pilgrims and maintain control of the "Crusader Kingdoms" established by the French in the Holy Land. The act of killing the enemies of Christ was not seen as a sin but rather as necessary and meritorious. Thus, if a Christian soldier died in such a war, it brought him the status of martyrdom. The Templars were not under the control of local bishops but answered directly to the pope. Also, the Crusades themselves had taken on the character of a special pilgrimage, and, like pilgrims, a participant in a Crusade could be granted an indulgence, or remission from temporal penances associated with his sins.

In a sense, they embodied the highest ideals of Christian knighthood. These Templars took vows of obedience and chastity, and they followed the spiritual lives of the canons that resided at the church of the Holy Sepulchre. They were called "Templars" or "Knights of the Temple" because they lived in an area of Jerusalem believed to be near the old Temple of Solomon. This was a highly disciplined order, buffeted by religious and mythical ideals and often driven by fanaticism.

Due to a changing world of political alliances between once-warring countries, the Crusades continued to be fought against the Muslims even to the North Africa, such as in 1390 when an international crusade was launched against Mahdia in Tunisia, a notorious centre of piracy. The Templars were dissolved as an order in 1312, but other Military Orders survived the Middle Ages. The desolation was done by king Philip IV

Please note that the Templar we're not the only group of crusader. There are alot more like the Templar that did alot more in the name of there beliefs

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