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Prayers Of Deliverance From Yokes And Curses

If you perceive that you are laboring under some form of yoke, bondage, or curse, please do something about it.

Some people are not conscious they have a curse following them, perhaps placed upon them by their parents, friends, or foes who had purposed to destroy and overthrown their goings.

Some are working very hard at their jobs or daily business but aren't making any headway in life.

If you find yourself in any of the situations described above, pray this prayer so you can be free to excel in life.

(1) Ask the Lord to forgive you of any sin or wrongdoing you might have done that had attracted any form of curse to your life or anything that might have brought you into bondage.

(2)Ask the Lord to soak your spirit, soul, and body into the blood of Jesus Christ and wash you clean.

(3)Pray that the Lord will destroy any curse your parents, friend, or foes may have placed upon you and turn them into blessings.

(4)Ask the Lord Jesus to redeem you from every curse of the law, having been made a curse for us so that the blessings of Abraham, might come upon you(Galatians3:13-14)

(5) Ask the Lord to break every yoke of bondage that had tormented you for a long time and made life dreary and meaningless.

(6)Ask the Lord to break any form of addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, smoking, sexual immorality, and all life-threatening lifestyles that you have struggled on your own to be free of.

(7)Ask the Lord to remove the yoke of indebtedness from your life and bless you with financial resources to pay off your debt. (1st Kings 4:1-7).

(8)Ask the Lord to remove the yoke of sickness that had plagued your family, plundered your resources, and had plunged you into debts(Mark 5:25-34).

(9)Pray that the anointing that breaks every yoke and sets people free from every bondage should rest upon you(Ist John 2:20,27).

(10)Ask the Lord to remove all hindrances to your breakthroughs that the enemy had put across your pathway to hinder you from God's blessings.

You must pray these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. If you are not born again yet, turn away from sin, confess them to the Lord and ask for His mercy and forgiveness and make Him Savior and Lord of your life.

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