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Say These Powerful Midnight Prayers Wherever You Are

Beloved Brothers and sisters in Christ, I invite you to this unique commitment. the power of God upon your life makes you incredible and greater than your devil. At the point when you get God's power from heaven in its totality, no evil on this world can overcome you. At the point when you walk around the world without the power of God in you, you are available to a wide range of Satanic assaults from the insidious ones. 

1. By confidence, I get the power of God upon my life today, in Jesus name. I reject any soul that will prevent or deny me from accepting the force of God into my life today, in Jesus name. 

2. By confidence, I get the power of expression; I guarantee it now and I say thanks to God for this chance, in Jesus name. 

3. Father, please I request that you pardon my off-base doings and make me New once more, in Jesus name. 

4. Dear Lord, fill me now with your soul. I present to you my whole body, make it the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit. I yield my tongue to you, to be an instrument of heavenliness, and to love you in another dialect.

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