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5 Things God Taught Me About Marriage That Helped Me To Find My Wife - Apostle Orokpo Michael

You know when I started contemplating marriage, the Lord asked me "What is the purpose of marriage?" and the thoughts of the things that we were taught began to run through my mind. You know we hear things like "Marry who you love", "It's about happiness, make sure you're happy" and all of these are very beautiful but the Lord said to me, "Does marriage sit on these things?" Because you can be happy with someone who is not going in the direction of your destiny, if you haven't find your destiny because the things that make men happy are strange, and God began to give me some secrets things that I've never heard preached anywhere. He told me the first purpose of marriage is to give me the privilege to be conform to the image of God. He said, "That is why you will not find who you want to marry on the street, you will work on that person. You will cultivate on that person and you yourself will be cultivated in the process."

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So, you may be looking for a woman that is patient. Meanwhile, her impatience is what will help you learn temperance and endurance. So when God point at your wife, your wife may not have patient. So, if you are looking for marriage to be happy and you think happiness is about patience, you will miss your wife because the idea is that you will be conform to the image of Christ. Meanwhile, the endurance that you don't have it's her impatience that will teach you that endurance. So, God will deliberately allow you to marry her and it may take you six years to cultivate endurance and you will learnt it by teaching her, that's the school of the Spirit. So God said, the higher purpose of marriage is for you to be conform to the image of God, so that happiness will be captured in fulfilment not in excitement. It is when you have cultivated her that the glory in her spirit begin to emanate, and that's when you will be fulfilled. It is in that fulfilment that you will be happy. 

God told me the second purpose of marriage is to preserve divine heritage. He said, the reason you could trace Jesus back to Adam is because God trapped that divine order in a bloodline. So, when men hide things they hide them in the bank but when God hide things He hide it in men. The choices of marriage is to help trapped God's eternal ordination from one generation to another. So, it is God's way of hiding dimensions of the Spirit. So, God will prefer you marry someone with a godly heritage than to marry a diva. God said, the third purpose of marriage is worship. He said, it is in finding your wife that you will learn how to bend your will, because worship is not a good song. Worship is the ability to conform to the will of the Father. So, it's no longer what I desire, not my will but thine. And God said, "It is in marriage that you will discover that."

The fourth purpose of marriage that God revealed to me, is so that I can learn the mystery of oneness. That's the mystery that hold the Godhead together, the Father, the Son and the Spirit. The ability to live and become one that's why the Bible said, for the woman love is submission but for man, love is sacrifice. So, everything the woman has she relinquished it and it look as if she's vulnerable and everything the man has God command him to lavish it on the woman. So at the end of the day, nobody owns nothing. So the mystery of divinity can be manifested in their home. So, when you step into their family, their family become heaven on earth because God dwell there. Then God said, the fifth purpose is priesthood. When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.

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