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Pastor Adeboye has decreed what will happen in the life of anyone who worshiped God this Sunday

Pastor Adeboye.

Pastor Adeboye is certainly one of the most notable pastor in Nigeria and in some parts of Africa. He often makes out time to pray for his church members and millions of Nigerians who follow his numerous programmes. Pastor Adeboye has made another powerful decree concerning anyone who made out time to worship God early this Sunday morning. According to Pastor Adeboye, everyone who thanked God this morning will never witness any more obstruction in their greatness in the name of Jesus.

Adeboye's decree serves as an energizer to everyone who worshiped and prayed to God this Sunday morning. As we all know, Sunday's church services is meant for Christians all over the world. It is customary for anyone who claims to be a Christian to attend church services every Sunday morning because it is a sign of solidarity to Almighty God.

Adeboye's decree is based on the fact that God takes care of those who identity with him and he sees everyone who praised and worship him today during church service. Adeboye believe that God in his infinite mercy and wisdom will surely remove every obstruction which hinder the growth of God's children. God's children must also know that praising or worshipping God does not really have to be something that is only done on Sundays, praising God should be part of our daily lives.

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