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Major Criteria For Marrying Many Wives In Islam As Recorded In The Quran

What does the Quran say about marrying many wives? The outright answer is No. The Quran was specific about a man having one wife or more. God advises that it is better to be married to just one wife at any one time.

Before I present the Quranic point in this issue, most Muslims today have corrupted Allah's law in the Quran. They allow men to get married to up to four wives while acting ignorant to the conditions set by Allah for this submission. They claim men have high sexual urge than women and this is the reason to marry as many wives as they want.

This claim is outrageous and devious and not enough to counter the criteria set by Allah.

Let's examine the Quran to explore the submission on this topic. Read this verse below carefully:

"And if you fear that you may not be just to the orphans, then you may marry whom you please of the women: two, and three, and four. But if you fear you will not be fair, then only one, or what your right hand possesses. This is best that you do not face financial hardship." 4:3

 The passage is conditional. It means a condition must be met for something to happen. So, whoever does not have orphans or is entrusted with the care of orphans, should not marry more than one wife. Otherwise, he can marry a second wife to give the orphans a mother figure.

In verse 4:2, Allah speaks of orphans, protecting their money, and warned against embezzling their money unjustly. So, men entrusted with the protection of orphans and their money and they feel they can't perform the duty, then he is allowed to marry the woman of his choice to be a motherly figure who would support him in raising the orphans. Allah permits 2, 3, and 4 according to the number of orphans in your care.

So, taking more gives is not to the man's advantage but to the orphans. It does not allow men to have varied sexual life as those hypocrites claim.

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