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5 Reasons Why Babies Cry In Church

One common thing to hear in church is the sound of babies crying. Sometimes, they might even be carried outside, but as soon as they're brought back into the church, the crying resumes. Why does this happen?

1. Discomfort:

Babies cry when they're not pleased with their immediate environment. This might be caused by the noise in the church, which they're not very used to. They might also be hot and their skin itchy because of the many clothes on them. Also, they might have soiled their diapers and trying to tell people how uncomfortable they feel.

2. Hunger:

Sometimes, the service might go longer than necessary. Even adults feel uncomfortable with this, not to mention babies. But after they must have been fed, they might get quiet and even fall asleep.

3. Attention:

There is no doubt that babies love attention. And their parents tend to focus more on the service when in church. They then decide to cry for attention, in order to be carried or held.

4. Inability to adjust:

The environment is very different from the peace and quiet at home, and also, some babies are scared of large crowds, which is a common reason why they might start to cry as soon as they step into the church.

5. Naughtiness:

Let's face it, some children find it difficult to behave themselves especially when they're out in public. For babies, it's understandable, but some toddlers act very naughty when they're in public. They won't even heed the warnings of their parents.

What other reason why babies cry in church do you know? Kindly share in the comments, share this article with others that need to see it, and follow me for more articles like this. Thanks for reading.

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