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Parable Of The Sower And The Seed

Read Mark 4 : 1-20.

The above Bible reference is all about the parable of the sower and the seed which Jesus Christ told His audience during His earthly ministration.

What is parable? Parable can be defined as an act of using earthly things to teach about heavenly things. Many occasions, Jesus Christ spoke in parable and when the need arised for Him to elaborate on the parable, He would not feel reluctant to do so.

The above parable was about a farmer who wanted to sow a particular seed, he took the seed and went straight to his farmland, which had earlier been prepared for that purpose. When got there, he began to sow the seed through broadcasting system of sowing seeds.

Some of the seed fell by the way side and the birds came to devour it. Some of the seed fell on the stony ground, which had not much soil and immediately it sprang up but due to lack or insufficient of soil, when sun was too much, it was scorched because it had no root and it withered away.

Furthermore, some of the seed fell inside among thorns, when it germinated, the thorns grew up, choked it and yielded no fruit. The last set of the seed fell on good group, it grew up and brought forth many returns and rewards in multiple fold.

The above type of soil or ground typified four types of hearts that listen and receive the word of God, which typified the seed. While the sower referred to Preacher of the word of God.

The one that fell by the way sides which birds of the sky devoured refers to the type of the heart that are not ready to accept the words of God, immediately the word dropped into their heart, Satan pick it up and the word do no good to the hearer. The seed that fell on Stony ground typified the type of heart that received the word of God, accepted it but didn't have any spiritual stamina to stand during affliction, persecution and hard time.

Other set of the seed that fell among the thorns, typified the type of heart that didn't allow the word of God to grow to fulfillment in their lives as a result of the lust of the things of this world. The last ground typified the good heart that received the seed ( word of God) and brought out multiple yield.

My esteemed readers which types of the ground are you? May you and I be a good ground that will yield multiple blessings to other people to, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus Christ


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