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Bishop Oyedepo Dedicates Multi-Million Dollar Headquarters in Maryland, US.

Bishop David Oyedepo, pastor and founder of Living Faith Church International, is set to dedicate a multi-million dollar headquarters, Faith Dome, in Maryland, United States.

Located in Maryland, the structure will serve as headquarters for North and South Ameirica.

Oyedepo commands one of the largest religious following across the world.

Speaking at a service today, Bishop Oyedepo said, "I remember last year, we dedicated the Sanctuary in Zambia in spite of lockdown. Darkness cannot lockdown light. It is not possible.

"Darkness can never succeed to lock down light. Thousands of rural churches were being built, then another one being dedicated today in North America. Everything working.

"Nineteen years have come and gone, Covenant University, zero pressure. We have never looked for students, we have never looked for anything. Everything is just working on its own".

Bishop Oyedepo revealed that he did not send any money to Zambia for the church that was built there, saying "Jesus built it".

He said;

"It is not working by chance. Learn from where it is working. Follow what is working in a church to become a partaker of the same".

Congratulations to Bishop Oyedepo as he dedicates another church. Indeed, the gospel is spreading across the world and everybody must hear the good news before Christ comes.

I implore other ministers to learn from Bishop Oyedepo when it comes to faith. He knows the secrets towards kingdom wealth which is through faith and that has paved way for him and his ministry over the years.

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