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3 Things To Learn From Jonah, The Prophet Who Lived Inside A Fish's Belly For 3 Days

Johan was a prophet of the Almighty God from the old testament days before Christ came to earth. He was a devoted man of God who was always ready to preach the gospel. It must be surprising to you that he was swallowed by a fish. 

It all started due to his disobedience. The Almighty God sent him to go and preach the gospel to the people of Nineveh but he refused and disobeyed God. Instead, he ran away and boarded a ship out of town. The Lord saw this and made the sea troublesome making it dangerous for the sailors and passengers.

The sailors had to throw him into the sea so as to calm the sea as he was the one who God was angry at. The Lord then caused a big fish to swallow him and inside the fish's belly, Jonah lived there for 3 days and 3 nights. (Jonah chapter 1)

Although Jonah was also disobedient and very hot tempered, there are other lessons to learn from him. Below are 3 important lessons to learn from Jonah that can help one's life spiritually. They are;

1. Do not Disobey God

Due to Jonah's disobedience, he was punished by God. God made a fish swallow him and this was like hell for the man of God. This means disobedience to the Almighty father causes great consequences that you would not be able to bear. Therefore make sure not to disobey God. 

2. Learn To Pray When In Trouble

It is advisable to pray and ask for forgiveness when in trouble as it is sure that the Lord will answer your prayers. Look at Jonah for example, immediately he realized his offense, he prayed to God and the lord answers his prayers and ordered the fish to split him out on dry land. (Jonah chapter 2)

3. Learn to control your anger

As a child of God it is advisable to learn to control one's anger. Do not get angry always Jonah did (Jonah Cahpter 4). Always be calm anytime you are angry, pray to God for divine direction and guidance. 

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