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These Are How Cobweb Is Used To Attack You. Stop Them Now.

After reading this article, you will never allow cobwebs in your house again. You will have to remove cobwebs from your house every week. 

Isaiah 59 v 6 says “Their cobwebs are useless for clothing; they cannot cover themselves with what they make. Their deeds are evil deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands”.

Have you ever physically experienced or feel cobweb on your face? 

You have ever feel cobweb on your hand or hands? 

Have you ever feel or experience cobweb on your leg or legs? 

Are you dreaming or seeing spider webs in dreams recently? 

If yes, this post is for you don't skip any line in this article. 

Cobwebs are usually used by witches and wizard or demons to cause delay or stop one's blessings. 

Cobwebs can be used by forces of darkness to attack their victims physically or spiritually to delay one's blessings, success or progress 

Force of darkness can also us cobwebs to enslave one's spiritual life. This is when you find it difficult to pray. 

This attack varies with the power of the witch or wizard because their powers differ with their level in the spiritual realm. 

They can use Cobweb to attack you (cover your face) physically or spiritually to block your vision which can result to delay in your destiny. 

If you experience cobwebs on your leg/ legs(physically or in a dream), it can mean that your enemy is trying to stop your progress. And if this happened, you will always find yourself in the wrong places. 

If you experience cobweb in your hand/hands, it can mean that the force of darkness is trying make you have difficulties with saving or handling money. Cobweb attack on your hands can cause you financial problems like shortage of money, abnormal spending of money which can result to poverty. 

Most time you experiences cobwebs in your dreams or physically, it can mean that witches and wizard are after you. 

You might have been seeing cobweb everywhere in your house and think is just spider web. 

The word 'witch' comes from the word 'wicca' which means 'wise one'. Witches and wizards are very wise. They can be using those cobwebs you are seeing in your house to block : your glory, delay or stop your progress or cause your illness. 

My Advice.

1. Tying removing frequently all cobwebs in the corner of your house as you might not know how they happened to be there. 

2. Try seeing your pastor or imam for prayers. You can fast and pray to God to help you stop all the cobweb attacks. And pray He restores everything for you.

It might just be ordinary spider web or witches and spider web. Please don't take chances. It causes you no Money to do that. 

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