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Elon Musk And Bill Gates GivesMore Than Tithes, They Support Institutions - Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Nigerian Televangelist and the General Overseer of Omega Fire International Ministry (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman has said the problem of Nigeria is not religion but leadership.

Apostle Suleman said the reasons why people are poor in Nigeria is not because of religion, and religion is not responsible for the problem of the country, "People are poor because they are lazy and foolish, that's the truth, it's not religion. I hear people say religion has made Nigeria poor, which religion? Religion is not leadership. The problem of Nigeria is bad leadership, it's not the Church," he said.

The clergyman also disagreed with people who are of the opinion that, Nigerians are poor because they prayed a lot. He said prayer does not make anybody rich or poor and the reason why billionaires like, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are rich is because they are givers. "Look at Elon Musk, he is rich but does he pay tithe? Do you know the charity those men gives to? Bill Gates once came to Kano and gave millions of dollars for polio, that's more than the tithe of the whole Church put together in Nigeria. Everybody have what they believed in, so leave people to believe in Jesus or in whatever they chose to believe in. Stop talking down on the Church and on prayer. You don't want to know what those multimillionaires do around the world. The kind of giving that comes out them. Billionaires like Elon Musk, Bill Gates gives more than tithe, they invests and supports institutions," Apostle Suleman said.

He further added that, he is against men of God exploiting people and usurping authority in the Church, by spending congregation tithes on personal needs. "I'm not in support of pastors exploiting people, I'm against it. Tithe in the Church does not belong to a pastor, it belongs to the Church. Every pastor should be on allowance. Tithe belong to the Church not the pastor. I don't believe a pastor must usurp authority and spend Church money on personal needs. I don't believe in that, the pastor need to find something else to do to generate income," Apostle Suleman said.

He also addressed people who has vowed never to give their money to Church again. "Some people said, they won't give their money to the Church again, but the money you have that did not change your life, what do we need your money for? Keep it. God is going to raise men in the Church that will give without looking back. God is going to bless them, God is going to empower them, that when they give to God, they gave and they're excited," Apostle Suleiman said.

Source: Church News Hub

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