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Before You Give Somebody Money, Check His Character - Bishop Irarbor Wisdom

Bishop Irarbor Wisdom, the presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly in Warri, has declared that no amount of money can turn someone who is a disloyal person into a loyal person. He declared that the reason for this is because money is not the issue; the issue is the person's character.

For example, Jesus gave Judas Iscariot the task of managing the finances for the ministry. That gives us the impression that Judas might have been somewhat prominent among the disciples. Yet, he was stealing from the bag, and he ended up betraying his master.

He declared that the people you spend the most on, are normally the ones that misbehave the most.

In the application of his words, he explained that even if you are a giver, you must be vigilant. You must check out the character of the person you are giving to, because character is stronger than incentives. He declared that the lack or abundance of money has never contributed to the loyalty or disloyalty of an individual.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone who you gave a lot of money to? Share your thoughts in the comments. Be blessed.

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