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6 Prayers That Will Make Your Helpers Locate You In Life

This prayer points is very important because, just as there are destiny helpers, there are also destiny destroyers, when you don’t pray for your destiny helpers to locate you, the devil will send destiny destroyers your way, and this can lead to the truncating of your destiny. But my prayer for you is this as you engage this prayer points to locate my destiny helpers, your destiny helpers shall find you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

1. My father, my father don't let my helpers not rest, until they help me.

2. Father, let the helpers of my joy locate me in Jesus name.

3. Every garment covering me and preventing my helpers from reaching me, ignite me, in Jesus name.

4. Helpers of my destiny, I call you to come down today and help me, in Jesus name.

5. Helpers of my promotion, arise now and do your work, in Jesus name.

6. Every false odour driving my helpers be removed from me, your end has come today, in Jesus name.

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