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We need soldiers, Kwara is an Islamic state - Muslim man cries out, seeks help from FG

So far, over the past hours, there have been serious and huge conflicts between Muslims and Christians over the reopening of schools by the federal government where students were known to be wearing Hijab. However, some Christians prevented students who wore their hijab from having access to the school, which ultimately led to a clash between Muslims and Christians, thereby leading for a Muslim man to cry out to FG to intervene, make proactive measures, bring soldiers, as he noted that Kwara is an Islamic state.

According to BBC Pidgin who shared an interview they had with an indigene of the state, he revealed that Kwara is a core Islamic state, and he was surprised when he heard the clash between Christians and Muslims over what was caused by the wearing of Hijab, where some Christians were against students wearing such. The Muslim man who sought for help from the federal government, said they should intervene, provide soldiers to help calm the situation, as 95 percent of police that were deployed to the area, are all Christians, and that they are all removing tear gases and sending the Muslims away

He furthermore said that one should all learn to love and respect one's belief, irrespective of the situation or circumstances involved, and allow people to practice their religion, freely, without any fear, whatsoever, and that Kwara state has always existed peacefully without both Muslims and Christians, as he also believes in both Prophet Elisha, as the Christians do, and also in Prophet Mohammed, as the Muslims do.

The Muslim man who pleaded for a swift intervention stressed that he went to the school years back, and such thing never happened, but the new generation of students have begun to take it to another level, and as such immediate and proactive measures is required, which one of those is to ensure soldiers are readily available to ensure peace, and let people understand that they can live in complete harmony. What a strong words indeed. What's your opinion towards this, put your thoughts in the comment section below, and share to others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.



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