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7 Bible Verses You Should Read When You Wake Up From A Bad Dreams.

A Dream is one of the mediums through which God speaks to his children and gives a warning, direction, instruction, and deliverance, and while God gives and sponsors good dreams, the devil gives bad dreams with the sole aim of stealing, killing, and destroying people. Since life and death are in the power of the tongue, and John 6:63 tells us that the spoken word of God is spirit and life, it is important to know the word of God (spirit and life) given in the Bible that you should read which will help you to address bad dreams, and this is what I want to share with you, so I want you to carefully read the entire article as I present the seven Bible verses you should read when you wake up from a bad dream. 

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Here are seven Bible verses you should read when you wake up from a bad dream.

1. Matthew 18:18

According to the above Bible verse, anything you bind or loose on earth will also be bound or loosed in heaven. This means that you can bind any bad dream you have, and since dreams originate from the spiritual realm and manifest in the physical realm (Earth) when you bind bad dreams on earth ( physical realm), they will also be bound in the spiritual realm (Heaven). So, by reading the Bible verse mentioned above, it will help you to know that God has given you the authority to bind or lose things and you should exercise it over any bad dreams and it will be bound as God has assured.

2. Luke 10:19

The Bible verse above reveals that God has given us the power to tread on every serpents and scorpion, and including all the power the devil possesses and that nothing will hurt you. This means whatever power the devil might have used against you in your dreams you can tread on it, and reading the above Bible verse will help you to know that you can exercise your God-given power to walk triumphantly over every power of the devil behind your bad dreams, and it will never manifest to hurt you in any way.

3. John 14:3.

According to the above Bible verse, Jesus has promised to do whatever you ask in his name so that the Father (God) can be glorified. Bad dreams don't glorify God when they manifest in the lives of people, and this is because they are sponsored by the devil to cause evil, and by reading this Bible verses above, you can lay hold on this, and ask God to convert your bad dreams to a good one that will glorify him.

4. Lamentations 3:37.

The above Bible verse reveals that if God doesn't authorize a thing, such a thing can never happen. Since God speaks to man through dreams (Job 33:14), any dream that you have that is not sponsored by God should be rejected because it is not authorized by him. As a child of God, you should know that dreams that God authorizes are meant to warn you, direct you, and bring you deliverance. So, the Bible verse mention above will help you to know that whatever the devil says through bad dreams against you cannot come to pass because God never authorizes it.

5. Isaiah 54:17.

According to the above Bible verse, God has promised that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and that you shall condemn every tongue that rises against you. Since dreams are a medium through which God speaks to man, the devil and his agents also use the same to speak to people and cause evil, and so reading the Bible verse above will help you to know God's promise, believe it, and also declare it, that no weapon used against you by the devil shall prosper in your life, and that you should also condemn every tongue that speaks evil against you through your dreams.

6. Psalm 91:10.

This Bible verse above reveals that no evil will befall you, and plagues of any type will not come near your dwelling place. Since God has given this promise, reading the Bible verse given above will help you declare the word of God in it by faith against any bad dreams.

7. Isaiah 41:10.

According to the Bible verse above, you should not fear or be dismayed (discouraged) because God will help you, and also strengthen you with his right hand of righteousness. So, reading this Bible verse also will help you to hold on to this word of promise from God and as well call on him to help you address any bad dream you have.

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