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Place Your Right On Your Chest And Proclaim These 8 Prayers Before You Do Anything Today

Today is a day the Lord has made, and for sure we are happy. It is an extremely incredible advantage to see the light of this day. It isn't by our force or might, however, by the will and leniency of God. The best thing you can manage for the day begins with God, for he vowed to answer us when we approach him.

As you get up earlier today, I need you to take as much time as necessary and read the following book of scripture sections before proclaiming these prayers;

1. Psalm 35

2. Psalm 91

3. Psalm 20

After reading them, proclaim these 8 prayers

1. Heavenly Father, I annihilate each malicious agreement that is influencing me in my family in Jesus' name.

2. Every control from the pit of misery against my destiny is annihilated for the sake of Jesus Christ.

3. All those hanging tight for my defeat will be embarrassed in Jesus' name.

4. Father, by the authority of heaven, I annihilated each sinister control and antagonism against my life in Jesus' name.

5. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost come against each hand holding my destiny for the sake of Jesus Christ.

6. Anybody that needs me dead will kick the bucket before me for the sake of Jesus Christ.

7. Father, I reclaim all my lost glory, accounts, and destiny in Jesus' name.

8. Father, thank you for addressing my petitions, for in Jesus' name I have prayed.

As you say these supplications, I ask may the God all-powerful in heaven answer you in Jesus' name.

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