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Don't Give Up, God Can't Forget You(13/10/2021)


God is the creator of life. He not only creates life but also provides all the necessary resources to sustain it beyond human expectations. Everything that God has created is priceless to him. Thus, the life he has given us is a priceless gift. It's so priceless that we can't buy it. The Most High is good, and he has plans for all his children. It is important to note that the plans he has made for us are time bound. Sometimes we find ourselves in a hopeless and hopeless situation, it seems as if God has forgotten us, no, He is too much in control and working for our enjoyment and progress. God's plan and timing are different for each person. Take for example the lives of Manual and his wife, who were infertile. According to God's plan, her infertility was for a season, and when her time was about to come, God went to her and she became pregnant and gave birth to Samson. GOD'S DIVINE PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE : Every life that God creates is for a purpose. Therefore, the life we have is for a divine purpose. The primary purpose is to praise Him. God has a plan and time for you. So, don't rush to do something that will bring shame to your life, don't get discouraged, don't give up. Your challenges won't last forever; They will pave the way for your miracle because God has not forgotten you. God encouraged Joshua to move on after Moses' death. The Israelite were disappointed and disappointed. This should inform you that life is progressive and not static. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO : God does not want you to give up on life because of an unexpected event that happened to you. Put it behind you, encourage yourself in the Lord and move on. Consequently, put on the robes of salvation, and proceed to accomplish the task that God has set for you. Keep praying God's word, keep doing righteousness, and patiently wait for your time, and then God will surely come to visit you.

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