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Did Jesus Christ Abolish the Law When He Brought Grace?

Many Christian's today, when they are reproved or enjoined to live in accordance with the word of God will quickly tell you that they are not under the law but under grace. The next thing you will hear is that Christ is the end of the law of rightousnes to everyone that believes.

Christ fulfilled the law for me ; The law was a school master to bring us to Christ, and so on. The list of quotations they will come up with will surprise yo

True as these quotations may be, it is important to understand the relationship between both of them, since Christ did not support atrocities.

Now what is the law?

The law refers to the era from the call of Moses to the coming of the Messiah. It was meant to be an intermediate stage that will end with the coming of the Messiah. Gal (3:19,24)That was why Moses after giving the law mentioned that God will send a prophet like himself whose voice they should obey.

The law therefore refer to the biblical books of exodus to Deutronomy. ( the Torah) Anybody who claims to reject the law must reject these books.

The law was a flawless document. It was given to Moses. It established Judaism. Anybody who keeps the law would live by it,(Gal 3:12) But mankind could not be saved by it because of the weakness of our flesh. Rather it made God furious since God does not tolerate disobedience.

What is Grace

Grace is unmerited favour, God saves his people not because of what they have done but because of what the Messiah has done.It shifted the burden to the Messiah but doesn't tell the people to become sinners. The central message here is that , believers can now be forgiven if they commit sin. The initial requirement of rightousnes is still required.

Grace works by faith in the Messiah. Under grace, those who believe in the Messiah and are baptized into him are saved.

Salvation is free under the dispensation of grace but maintained through obedience and rightousnes, without these two faith is dead.

What role does the law play after grace has come

Not all men are rightous and spiritual to obey the spirit and walk in the spirit. The law is still there to be used to teach specifically those who would not obey the spirit. The law is used to teach such people.( 1 Tim 18-9)The law also bear witness to grace as it predicted the dispensation of grace

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