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Why Does Our Society Condemn Using Left Hand For Giving And Receiving?

This is a question that begs for an answer because it common in our society, here in Nigeria. Whenever you're giving money or any other thing to someone probably older than you, it is expected you use your right hand.

Using your left might get you rejected and seen as a disrespectful person. In fact the use of the left hand is considered very odd. But WHY is it disrespectful? Is there any mystery behind it?

If it's a thing of the past, then WHY is still a thing of huge attention for almost everyone? It's still very common today.

Here are some reasons why giving and receiving with your left hands is condemned and they come from way back before the arrival of the colonial masters.

1. For the Yoruba's, it might be the name given to it, left hands by the oldies. They regard the left hand as 'Owo osi'. Osi is a bad thing as far as the Yorubas are concerned. Thus using left hand to give or receive something is regarded as bad habit. Other tribes in Nigeria also do not have a very nice name for the left hand and so this odd recognition of the left hand is everywhere.

2. Back in the days, before civilization crept in, most Africans wiped their butts with the left hand after pooping. In today's society, where it's not so civilized yet, water for washing the butt is gotten with the right hand, and then the left is used for the washing. Hence it is considered an insult to use the same hand when handing something to the elders.

3. Religiously, the left hand was stigmatized. In the Christian Bible, Jacob, before he died, blessed Joseph's two sons, both the eldest and the youngest. He had initially put his right hand on the elder one but later switched. By placing the left on the eldest and placed the right on the younger one, he wanted the younger son to be greater than the eldest son.

Also, Islamic religion also frowns at using left hand because it is regarded as a satanic habit.

For you readers, do you think our culture, religion and beliefs should be scrapped off and accept the left hand as much as we do to the right?

Is it better we accept our culture for once? I mean we are Africans and some things are better left the way they are?

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