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Three fears to conquer in life in order to be great.

In life we are all faced with fear. fear of how nice or how good I am , how perfect am I to my spouse, what will people say about me and so on. Fear as been a great distraction to many people of becoming what God destined them to be .

You must conquer this fears in order to be great.

1. Fear of the past.

Many people are left with the past what happened to me in the past , how he broke my heart , how she called off the relationship, how I failed in a job interview severally. One step into greatness is conquering the fear of the past. Remember the Bible tells us that if any man be in Christ he is a new creation , old things are passed away behold all things are become new.

2. The fear that comes with ignorance.

Ignorance in many life has been a diseases to achieving greatness. Is a state of not been confidence in yourself.

You will never be confident until you are complete . incompetent brings and the antidote to it is not prayer and fasting but knowledge.

3. The Fear of the opinion of others about you.

We always concern of what people say about you, how good you look , how nice you are and many more, we are living our life at the expense of others opinion on us not God's opinion. The problem is you matter how good you are, men will have their interpretations about you.

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