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The differences between roman catholic priests and pastors

See the reason why roman catholic priest are different from pastors

The reason why roman catholic priest are not called pastors

Majority of people today tend to misunderstand what is inbetween a priest and a pastor but today I am going analyz critically the difference between the two words

A roman catholic priests

A roman catholic priest is a person who is between a deacon and a bishop in a roman catholic church or an ordained person to perform special act of religion and also serve the role of advising people to follow the will of Christ .

Priest differential is best analyz at the point or time of ordination they are ordained in respect to the sacrificial body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The main offices of the priest are:

1 preaching the good news of our lord

2 Blessing of the holy Eucharist

3 office advice etc .

Catholicism does not teach that Christ is sacrificed again and again, but that the sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice . Instead the Catholic Church hold the Jewish concept of memorial in which the memorial is not merely a recollection of past events these events become in a certain way present and real and thus the sacrifice Christ offered once and for all on the cross remains ever .

While a pastor

Is a person who envangalise the good news and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ (preaching) .

They are not given the responsibility to bless the holy Eucharist which is the body and blood of Christ present at the altar it is because they were not hand anointed by their ordainersz

Thanks for reading our post may the good lord continue to bless you in abundance

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