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Declare These Prayers Into Your Life For Success and Prosperity In The New Month

Everybody wants to be successful in this new month. We all desire to prosper in wealth and in all aspects of our lives. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to pray and also work hard. The Prayer aspect will be handled in this article today. 

  Below are powerful prayers for protection and prosperity in the new month. All you have to do is to declare this prayer over your life and it will be established.

Oh Lord, I shall experience all round successful in every aspect of my life in this new Month.

Father, bless and establish the work of my hand.

Lord, I pray for your divine increase and abundance in this new Month.

Almighty Father, in this new month, all this shall work together for my good.

I pray for wisdom and strength to lead and direct me in the path of success in this new Month.

Lord, success shall be mine each and every single day in this new month.

In this new Month, Lord fill my hands with blessings and favour in order to succeed 

I pray today that you shower me with great success and blessings.

I shall prosper in all aspect of my life in Jesus name.

By your power Lord, I shall be successful than my own thoughts and dream in this new month.

Father, make me worthy of your blessing and keep me from further want.

Lord, the Money I need will know my address and name before the end of this week.

My loving Father, thank you for answering my prayers as I give you my praise and Thanks.

  For in Jesus Name I pray.

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