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"I Will Be The Last Person To Leave The Country, If War Breaks Out In Nigeria" - Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder and president of Living Faith Church Worldwide, has stated that if war breaks out in Nigeria, he would be the last person to go.

On Friday, Oyedepo spoke at a church program called "Prayers for the Nation" in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State, to commemorate Nigeria's 61st Independence Day. The African richest preacher, who has stated that he will not leave Nigeria till the last person is murdered, has prayed to God to flush out war enthusiasts. Anyone who attempted to attack his church members would be killed on the spot, he declared.

The prominent man of God said, he has always prayed against war breakage in the country and if it eventually happens then, he's going to be the last person to leave the country. He made it very clear that he's not saying all these for fun, and that is where his heart is, "until the last person is killed and there is nobody else to help I won’t leave here."

He further said, in Nigeria, there will be no war, and those who enjoy war shall be flushed away by God. Oyedepo said, in Nigeria, we will sing a new song. Anyone who tries to challenge a Winner dies instantly.

“Whoever dares a member of a Winner's household goes down for their sake. Anyone who sets his eyes on a church to burn goes blind instantly,” he stated.

“Whoever makes another effort to enter a school to abduct innocent children will be forgotten, as will their children's children. Anyone who causes others to mourn will be punished.”

The man of God has said it all, and I know it's the joy of all of us in this country, that war should never break out. If you believe in what the man of God has said and you also wish for the peace of this nation, then let's be united and say a big Amen to what Bishop David Oyedepo has said earlier.

SOURCE: Daily Post Newspaper.

God bless you all. Thanks immensely for your precious time!

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