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Midnight Prayer For Today 15 July 2020

O God, I thank You for destroying every evil pronouncement against mydestiny, in Jesus name. O Lord my Father, destroy the powers that want to re-enforce against my open doors, in Jesus name. Heaven blockerprayer blocker, I am not your candidate, I render all your activities over me powerless in Jesus name.

Let God arise and let every enemy of my financial breakthrough be scattered in the name of Jesus O Lord, restore all my wasted years and efforts and convert them to my financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus I command every monitoring spirit following up my progress be blinded forever in Jesus name.

Let your mighty hand of favour uphold me in all my endeavors, I declare that I shall never fail in life in Jesus name.You evil Powers against my open heavens,surrender and die in the name of Jesus,You evil Powers ruling over my life and depriving me the goodness of life,release me and die in the name of Jesus,Powers of the sea,dragging my destiny into the seas,release me and die in Jesus´ name

Every good blessing, opportunity and chance I ever missed as a result of discouragement, I recover you back by fire in the name of Jesus,Every source of frustration made available for me receives the fire of God and scatter in the name of Jesus, Every activity of the destroyer manifesting informs of the discouragement in my life, be paralyze.

Every agent of witchcraft power physically attached to my marriage to frustrate it, fall down and perish now, in Jesus name,every agent of witchcraft power assigned to attack my finances through dream, fall down and perish in Jesus mighty name,Let the thunderbolts of God locate and destroy every witchcraft power covens where deliberations and decisions ever fashioned against me, in Jesus name.

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