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"If You're A Christian And You Don't Think, You Have Missed Out On A Vital Godly Virtue" -Oyedepo

There are a couple of unique things about humans compared to animals. One of the things is our ability to use our minds to project into the future and make predictive decisions. In other words, we can make plans. And for us to make plans, we need to be able to think.

When was the last time you sat down to think? When you were faced with a problem, did you just pray about it, or did you use the brains God gave you to think out a solution? Bishop David Oyedepo said that any christian who is not a thinker has missed out on a vital godly virtue.

Do you know why he said that? It's because God is a thinker. When he was faced with problems, he searched his mind for solutions. Remember when Adam was lonely? It was by thinking that God was able to bring up a solution to that problem, which was creating a companion for him.

I believe that God gave us our minds so we would not be depending on him for everything. When you're faced with a problem, stay in a private place, and think about a solution. When God sees your efforts, he will bring inspiration to you, and you will find the solutions you need. Be blessed.

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Christian David Oyedepo


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