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Say These Powerful Psalm Prayers Before Going To Bed Tonight(18-7-2020)

Heavenly God, Thank you for your plans in my life today, help me to grow deep roots in my relationship with You. Cause my thoughts to be Your thoughts so that I will be strong and established. Thank You for Your Favor and blessings in my life today.

Oh powerful eternal God, Splendour of true light and never-ending day. At this return of the evening hour, chase away the morning of sign of your coming through our Lord Who lives and reigns with You and the holy Spirit, on God for ever and ever.

Oh God, in You we put our trust, kindly restore the broken relationship between families and friends. May Your Great love and understanding be in Us as We try to understand and love others too. Thank You God for protecting Us and blessing Us as well.

Thank You Dear God for evening that I havs, I can't ask fir more except that please touch me and my Families with Your healing hands and please take away all our illnesses. May this pandemic come to an end and may these people suffering be well soonest.

God! You have released us from our chains of unbelief and have given us words to praise You. May we share this freedom with others for Your glory. Thank You for Your unending love, guidance and protection. Thank you Lord for your assurance that will never stop working and that You are something amazing.

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