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6 Things Every Christians Should Know About Islam

Islam is among the top most practiced religion in the world especially in the western world. As a Christian we need to be increasingly aware of Islam and most importantly how to engage the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I've learnt so much about Islam and I'll be sharing with you what every Christian should know about Islam.

Below are 6 things you should know about Islam:

1. Muslim and Arab are not the same

Muslim is a religious term, a muslim is someone who practices the Islamic religion. While Arab is person who speak the Arabic language, I know what going in your mind, you would say "but Islam originated from the Arabs and the Quran is written in Arabic language".

If you noticed in today's world most muslims are not Arabs for example Turks, Pakistan, Iranian, Indonesian, Africans and even Malaysians almost all of them are muslims but none of them are Arab.

2. Submission

The word "Islam" means someone who submits to God. They follow teachings of Muhammad and how God is to be worshipped and served. They say "There is no God except God and Muhammad is his prophet".

3. Sunni and Shi'a

There are two major parts of the Muslims and they are the Sunni and Shi'a. Sunni are the most popular majority they are about 85% of all Muslims (quite fascinating).

4. Belief in one God

The Islamic doctrine believes in one God, his prophets, his Angel's, his book and his final judgement.

The relevance of humanity is not salvation but instruction, so Islam believe in their prophets.

5. Muslims are not terrorists

In fact, the islamic law forbids intentional killing of non combatants in battle. It also forbids suicide.

6. Most muslims are friendly and hospitable

A Muslim will make great friend and neighbour, we should all love one another, so no Christian should be afraid of building a relationship with a muslim.

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