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He Will Never See Mercy He who Did Not See Mercy Of Allah During Ramadan - Prophet Muhammad

Ramadan is fast approaching, the month in which the gate of paradise is opened and the gate of hell fire is closed throughout the month

This means this month is an opportunity for Muslims to seek paradise by engaging in a lot of meticulous act of worship in the blessed month as the gate of hell fire is closed and only left with the gate of paradise opened

Prophet Muhammad (saw) reportedly said when Ramadan begins, shaytan and his soldier will be chained down till the end of Ramadan

In this, we all connected our evil deeds to shaytan, but in the month of Ramadan they are been chained down for us, this means whoever indulge in evil deed during Ramadan is doing it out of his or her own desire

one of the biggest benefit in Ramadan is the night of majesty in which Allah says it’s better than a thousand month. That is the worship of the single night is better than worship of one thousand month (83 years and 3 months)

These are some of the mercy Allah has bestowed to us in this precious month. Its so glaring that whoever indeed that did not see mercy of Allah in this month may not have such opportunity again

In lieu of this, Prophet Muhammad, while mounting mimbar on a particular day to deliver sermon, he said “Aameen” trice and the companions were confused and asked about his action, he replied by saying Angel jubreel did three prayers and asked me to say “Aameen” to them. One of it was “he who did not see mercy of Allah in the month of Ramadan will never see mercy again”

This means whoever that did not utilize any of the opportunities in the month of Ramadan to see Allah’s mercy may not see it again

may Allah spare our lives to witness the upcoming Ramadan and many more

Allahuma baariklana fee sha’ban wa baligna Ramadan

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