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Monday Night Powerful Short Prayers Points You Should Say Before You Shut Your Door Tonight.

Our invisible God, the mighty one, the one who is immortal, the one whose love endures forever, the king of host in heaven, the one who inhabit the praise of His people, the alpha and Omega, the Omniscience ( all knowing),the omnipresent ( present everywhere), the Omnipotent ( powerful).

We bless your name for what you have been doing for us. We worship your name for your love that never ceases over our lives. We look around us, we see your goodness. No one can love us like you do,no one can care for us like you do,no one can protect us like you do,no one can comfort us like you do,no one can bless us like you do.

We will never stop to praise your name.

We want to talk to you tonight,we want to say what will want from you. We believe that you will surely hear us. These are our request,grant our request in the name of Jesus.

1. This night as we want to sleep,we pray that you protect us from all spirit of darkness .

2. We pray that you rod and your staff comfort us in Jesus name.

3. We pray that the blessings and riches of the Lord fall upon us in Jesus name.

4. We know that we are a sinner,we plea the blood of Jesus to cover our sin in Jesus name.

5.We pray that we will keep souring high and flourishing in Jesus mighty name.

6. When we wake up tomorrow morning,we believe that we will have strength and power to praise your holy name.

We believe that our prayers has been answered. We believe that we are going to see miracles that will follow these prayers.

Stay happy and flourish, for in Jesus name we have prayed, amen.

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