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If The Picture On The Left Doesn't Bother You But The One On The Right Does, It is Your Bigotry -Man

According to the tweet coming from a Northerner, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, as identified on Twitter, the use of Hijabs for female Muslims in public places should not bother Christians, just as the use of nun's habit by nuns does not bother Muslims in public places. The man said, it is bigotry and not faith; if the nun's dress doesn't bother you as a person but hijabs does.

Although the man used a picture of a nun and a Muslim girl wearing hijab to narrate it like this, but the message behind it was well interpreted by people. The picture of the nun was on the left, while that of the Muslim girl wearing hijab was aligned to its right and printed with the message “If this doesn't bother you, but this does… It is not your faith, it is your bigotry.”

Also, I have seen how some Christians have dragged him for making this comparison. Some have even called it an abysmal comparison, “Hijab is a choice for whom chooses Islam, while a nun's habit is a choice for whom chooses Christianity. So why Christian are so defensive and aggressive with this tweet. I learn how the bitter of truth is. It makes some people to even start hallucination.” 

So I want to these two questions and have answers to them:

1. Is there any comparison that is forbidden?

2. Is there any time the Muslims protested against the use of nun's habit by the Christian sisters?

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