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Prophetic Prayers and Declarations For Today (16/07/2020).

Many Christians are used to only morning and evening devotion. The big question is: what about afternoon. See what David said in Psalms 55:17

"Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice."

He was the King of Israel at when he wrote this psalm, yet he had time to pray three times a day. Daniel was a Prime minister with a tight schedule, yet he had time to pray.

One beautiful thing about prayer is that, it can be done with your heart even when your mouth is talking is attending to other things. As a matter of fact, scriptures advise us to always pray (1st Thessalonians 5:17).

You may have been out of the house this morning without doing your morning devotion, here is another opportunity for you. Prayer is an important tool because, anything that is prepared by prayers will prevent it from poor performance.

So, from your heart say these prayers:

1. Father, in the name of Jesus, open my eyes to see opportunities today.

2. Father, in the name of Jesus, May your right hand lift me up to my place of destiny.

3. Father, in the name of Jesus, may everything I lay my hands to do today experience a shocking testimonies.

4. Father, in the name of Jesus, may every weapons of darkness be fired back to its sender.


Please ensure you personalise this. Let's declare "Deuteronomy 28:3-8"

3. Blessed shall I be in the city, and blessed shalt I be in the field.

4. Blessed shall be the fruit of my body, and the fruit of my ground, and the fruit of my cattle, the increase of my kine, and the flocks of my sheep.

5. Blessed shall be my basket and my store.

6. Blessed shall I be when thou come in, and blessed shall I be when I go out.

7. The LORD shall cause my enemies that rise up against me to be smitten before my face: they shall come out against me one way, and flee before me seven ways.

8. The LORD shall command the blessing upon me in my storehouses, and in all that I set my hand unto; and he shall bless me in the land which the LORD my God gives me.

Have A wonderful and itch free day! See you in the evening.

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