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People Are Paying Kanu In The Arabic Currency For Biafra Republic - Olusoga

You will agree with me that Nigeria being one of the most religious countries in the world today has always had issues relating to the various religious beliefs of the citizens, coupling with the fact that there are only two religions; Christianity and Islam.

You'll also recall that there has been a lot of controversy recently by some Nigerians on the various social media platforms over the Arabic writings boldly written on our Naira notes.

Well, one twitter user whose handle name is Olusoga has some minutes ago taken to his official Twitter handle to lambast those who are criticizing the Arabic writings. Below is a tweet:

Alot of Nigerians won't keep mute on matters like this however, below are some of the screenshots of reactions below:64You can share your thoughts about his point of view in the comment section below, do not forget to click on the like button before sharing this piece with any Nigerian.

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