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Prayer For God's Divine Healing And Help

Dear Lord, my heart is heavy, I am carrying a lot of weight, my eyes are tearful, and I lack the confidence to continue forward. I'm still in the same situation. Come to my aid, come and redeem me. Hold my hand and accompany me on this voyage, for I shall perish if you do not. Cover me with Jesus Christ's precious blood. Renew my strength and shield me from any harm that is set up as a trap for me. You've given us your word that you'll respond when we call on you. Lord, hear me and answer my plea. I feel that I can do anything with the help of you, who strengthen me. In my life, let your will be done. Let grace and favor speak for me whenever my name is spoken. I pray in the great name of Jesus, knowing and believing that you will respond. Amen.

If you are feeling down, lost, weak, or out of place, I hope this prayer will offer you strength and the knowledge that Our Father who art in heaven is listening and looking over you.

Call on him and see how he manifests in your life.

Our God has the ability. He is really powerful. He never sleeps or slumbers. Allow him to take control.

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