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6 Categories Of People You Will Find In Nigerian Churches

Churches are packed with a diverse range of individuals who come to church for a variety of different reasons. Others go in search of a romantic relationship, display their fashion sense, or even woo their choir master, while others go in search of a connection with their creator.

However, we would be taking a look at six categories of Christians you are likely to find in most Nigerian churches. 

1. The sleepers: These is someone who gets sleep bites the moment they go into the church. They will fall asleep during the praise and worship session, during the preaching, and even during the time when people are donating their tithes and offerings to the church.

2. The player- Typically, these are men who are members of the choir. They have a good appearance, are well-dressed, and have a pleasant voice that can make angels envy. Despite the fact that they have a large number of women, particularly in the church, people believe they are waiting for God's timing.

3. The person who gives a humorous unnecessary testimony- This type of person will say 'praise God' for at least six times before getting into their unnecessary testimony. When they are finished, they will share how well they slept last night, how well they woke up this morning, and how God protected them from stepping on a scorpion while walking to church.

4. The early riser and late arrival- These people are always the first ones to get up in the morning and the last ones to arrive at church. Their heels generate amusing noises that draw the attention of the congregation.

5. Churchgoers who only attend during the holidays- These people will only attend church during the holidays. They will appear throughout the holidays of Easter, Christmas, and New Year's Day, then disappear for approximately 7 months before reappearing.

6. Single and search of a wife- The majority of people believe that good wives can only be found in religious institutions. They will attend church every Sunday with the expectation that God will shine a light on them and reveal to them the one who has been selected for them. Thank you for reading, and please spread the word. You can share yours in the comments area below as well.

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