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Are We Godly Or Religious In Nigeria?

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Nigeria is a nation full of divers religions and worshippers, we Christians, Muslims believers and traditional worshipers. Every nook and cranny of the country is filled with religion/ worshiping centres, Churches and mosques are scattered all over the places, traditional shrines are not left out. Now, the point of argument is, are we really godly or we just emotionally religious? This is food for thought.

Despite increasing religious activities in Nigeria, criminalities are on the increase on daily basis, meanwhile, the perpetrators of these crimes are either belonging to Christian, Muslim or traditional religions. Now, does religion has positive effect on their adherents in Nigeria? If yes, why, the increase in the crime rate in our nation? And if no, where is the problem lies? Actually, the religion itself, is not the problem, but its propagators and adherents.

I want to believe that religion ought to have been an agent of change in our society, it was in placed to remodel lives but what we see today, the reverse has been the case. Religious worshipping centres are on the increase, moral values and godly behavior are declining, people now under religion to perpetrate evil, what can we say in a situation, where some group of people would be killing their innocent neighbours, in the name of God or religion? Why some will be sponsoring and financing criminals in the country, where are we going? Where is our godly heritage? These set of people have turned Nigeria as far as religion is concerned to a laughing and mockery stuff among the nations of the world.

Some nations of the world that are not as religious as Nigeria, they experienced peace and overall development. I think, it is high time for Nigerian religion's worshippers to be godly rather than to be religious.

May God Almighty visit Nigeria and Nigerians for good, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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