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"When You Are Not Paying Your Tithe, You Are Under A Financial Curse"-Oyedepo

The current bishop of the Living faith church worldwide is now the talk of the country after tweeting a statement that is currently defaming is ministry. As we all know that a tithe is the tenth part of the increase arising from the profits of land and stock, allotted to the clergy for their support. Bishop David Oyedepo as a man of God tweeted:

 "Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing, because when you are not paying tithe, you are under a financial curse. #Tithe. #Breakinglimits. 

 This is a very bad thing to be tweeted, especially by a renown man of God. After the payment of offering every Sunday, how will the church member feels when they think they are cursed because they don't pay tithes. 

 Tithe should be optional, it should not be compulsory. Even God did not threaten that his children will be cursed if they don't pay tithe. 

 Oyedepo, do you know that there are some people who are still struggling to pay their offering, people who are so poor that they can't even afford up to 1,000Naira in a week. How will these people feel if they think that payment of tithe is really a financial curse as stated. 

 We also have some people that do pay their offerings in church, offerings not less than a million naira. The question is:

1:Who is Oyedepo paying is offering too? 

2:Is it on private jets and expensive mansions? 

3:Is it on his two universities? 

4:Who is Oyedepo paying his tithes too? 

5:Yes, 80% of Nigerian pastors don't pay tithes, does it mean that those 80% pastors are financially cursed just like the church members? 

 These are the questions Oyedepo must answer. Also, this might be the biggest mistake Oyedepo will ever make. These are some of the disadvantages attached to his declaration of nonpayment of tithes as a curse:

1:Defamation Of The Ministry:

 The winners chapel will be diminished in reputation. It might also be rendered infamous, and brought to disrepute. Many other churches will think that the mission of the Living Faith Church is to defalcate and peculate 10% of the earnings of all the church members. You have to see how "Baskermouth", a just comedian invaded a whole Bishop's tweet. 

2:Defamation Of The Church Pastors And Others:

 There are many pastors who are under Bishop David Oyedepo. They also will be affected. Many of them will be respected less by the society due to what the statement their Bishop had made. 

3:Misrespect Of The Church Members:

 The church members will be dis, insult and disrespected. How would they go out to preach the world of God with such shame attached to their church. To evangelise will be a futile endeavour to them. 

4:Image Of The Living Faith Church:

 This might also affect the image of the church. It would be considered as a "gambling house" and not that of God. 

5:The Fall Of A Giant:

 If Bishop David Oyedepo later realizes that what he tweeted was wrong in some ways, he would have to apologize which isn't expected of a man of God. If he chose to apologize, that would be the fall of a giant. 

 Don't you think this might be the fall of Oyedepo? Don't you think what he tweeted can be his biggest mistake ever? Kindly drop your opinion! 

 Note:This is not meant to annoy the interest of the living faith church members, it is fragment of the disadvantages attached to what Oyedepo tweeted recently which is quite erroneous"

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