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Look at what my Pastor did to me because I gave my tithe to a beggar(fiction)

Take a look at what my pastor did just because I gave my tithe for the month of June to a beggar in my street. 

I have been faithful with my tithe for a very long time now, once I receive my tithe, I transfer my tithe immediately to the church account but the month of June was not so. I had to do what my mind was telling me to do with my tithe but I don't really know if I was write. 

I received my June salary and I wanted to make transfer as usual but I suddenly remembered a beggar who is always asking people for money to eat. The young woman is crippled, she stays in front of the church almost every Sunday with her wheel chair to beg. As I was seeing her picture in my memory, my mind told me to withdraw my tithe and bless that beggar with it. 

So on Sunday morning, I go dressed for service and I went straight to the ATM machine and withdrew the money.

Immediately I got to church, I saw the young woman in front of the church gate and I handed over the money to her, and she was so excited, she kept asking God to bless me until I drove inside the church premises. 

Just Saturday last week, my pastor called me, to my greatest surprise, he said I didn't pay my tithe for the month of June, I was surprised that he monitors when I make transfers. Well I told him that I paid my tithe but I gave it to the beggar that stays in front of the church gate. 

My pastor got very angry and started raising his voice on the phone, he actually shouted at me just because I didn't pay my tithe into the church account. I couldn't comprehend the whole thing, I went further to ask him why he is angry with how I paid my tithe. He said that bible says in Malachi 3:10 that we should bring all the tithe to the store house of God, that there will be enough food in the house of God, not to a beggar. That was not enough, what he did on Sunday got me worried. 

On Sunday morning I got to church and saw the beggar going home, when I asked her why she was leaving so early, she said that pastor asked her to stop staying in front of the church gate to beg. 

I am so angry and confused. Is it bad to give my tithe to a beggar?

Please drop your opinion at the comment section, thanks a lot. 

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